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The king of the jungle, the apex predator. But what makes a pride of Lions successful is the way the pride works together, each handling different aspects. Each brings a different strength to the pride, and yet they work together seamlessly.

Their keen senses, strategic thinking and immense knowledge all contribute to making them the ultimate predator.

Each hunt calls upon all of their skills to make it a successful one.

Our End to End services call upon the entire Pride at RRA, working together as a single entity to build a strong and healthy organization

Budgets, MIS and other client specific reports

Our team of financial experts, are adaptive to the precise need of accurate information provided at precise intervals. Management information provided at the right time paves the way for quality management decision making.

Our services in this area include:

  • Preparation of monthly cash forecast
  • Capital expenditure vis-à-vis actual and budget
  • Preparation of monthly MIS to Board and Holding Company and reporting to stock exchanges and other regulatory authorities.
    • balance sheet
    • income statement
    • cashflow statement
    • bank reconciliation

Book closure and external reporting

In our role as controllers of accounts, for several overseas subsidiaries, the endeavour is to complete accounting on a monthly basis and offer them for audit well in time. We work in close coordinations, with the company and the statutory auditors to ensure a smooth and speedy completion of the yearly requirement to close the books.
RRA also caters to specific requirements of clients for their individual and specific needs and present accounts in the required formats to ensure compatibility of reading as well as consolidation by the overseas partners.

Our service include:

  • Reviewed accounts and financials to be provided to auditors
  • Notes on all applicable accounting and income tax standards
  • All supporting documents and records to complete audit
  • To ensure board meetings are held for adoption of accounts and signatures
  • Ability to adapt to any format of reporting to overseas clients.

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