Success through strategy

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A succesful expedition depends on a couple of factors: skill, patience and strategy! Picking the right strategy is very important just as the other two factors The consultancy services from RRA will help you in making the right choices when it comes to business or any other process.

Our senior staff advise organizations in improving performance and optimize businesses.

Compliances in Labour law, taxation and Companies act

We take compliances of any form with utmost seriousness and would go to lengths in counseling a 100% compliance in all cases.
RRA works closely with consultants from Labour Law, income tax, FEMA, GST and Company Secretaries to ensure our clients enjoy a complete compliance state.

Our services in this area include:

  • Registration under PF, PT,ESI, Shops, GST
  • Regular online payments before due dates
  • Regular monthly, quarterly and half yearly filing
  • Appearing for annual assessments
  • Managing the GST process of remittance, filing , and refunds

Treasury and forex management

We offer advise on efficient management of bank balances and other current assets and investment of the same in traditional banking products. Our goal is to help companies optimize their company's liquidity, make sound financial investments for the future, and reduce financial risks.

Our services in this are include:

  • Cash management and forecasting
  • Optimal Working capital maintenance
  • Identifying safe and convenient investment products in banking sector

Payroll processing, Employee tax filings

Payroll services are as realtime as they can get, integrating all elements of income and exempted outflows with tax recomputed at every instance. Tax counselling is provided to employees and the company too, to ensure a highest degree of compliance with tax rules and efficient tax incidence.

Our service include:

  • Employee Data Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Employee Benefit Management
  • Employee Retiral Administration
  • HR MIS & Analytics
  • Statutory Registration & Compliance
  • Labour Law Compliance

International banking and Finance and RBI

Working with a large number of over seas clients, efficient management of forex is a key factor. Managing the revenues of the Indian companies with relation to the Forex remittances through EEFC accounts is done under the supervision of Banking Domain experts.
Several regulatory requirements like obtaining FIRC’s, reporting to RBI, etc are performed periodically.There is constant dialogue with bankers to obtain competitive FOREX conversion rates, as well as lowest possible charges.
Several permissions are required from RBI, and our experienced team in coordination with the authorized dealers lends support and ensures adherence to all the rules.

Our service in this area include:

  • Over seas Invoicing and receipt of forex funds through EEFC accounts
  • Obtaining FIRC with the stated reason for remittance
  • Sale and purchase of shares and valuation and reporting
  • Initial equity subscription and reporting investments or subsequent transfers

STPI and customs

India is known worldwide for its Information Technology prowess. Software technology Parks of India (STPI’s) has played an important role in accomplishing this status. We help companies achieve full benefits that STPI has to offer.

Our service include:

  • Registration under STPI, Customs and obtaining green card.
  • Filing and registration of contracts and purchase orders.
  • Filing of softex forms and stamping, certification of various invoices from time to time, during import as well as indegeneous purchase of capital goods.
  • Filing of monthly and annual progress report, periodic forms returns and statements with STPI authorities.
  • Advising on maintenance of various statutory records required under the STPI scheme

Attestation and certification

In the recent days attest functions have increased in importance and scope with several government departments and undertakings and banks requiring certified information.

Our services in this area include:

  • Tax audit u/s 44AB of the Income Tax Act
  • 15CA and 15CB certification
  • Calculation and remittance of Royalty
  • Accountants report for Transfer Pricing
  • Share and net worth valuation
  • STPI related certifications, and others

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